We’re raising money for a newer van (2012-2014 vintage) in order to continue our operations! We welcome and really need your donations!


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Come on in!

The Scrap Box is a store filled with hundreds of interesting objects: ribbons • buttonsbeadspaper • colorful ripstop nylonsturdy paper tubesbamboolike sticksyellow spongy cylindersand little foam squigglies!

Best of all! These items are for sale at very reasonable prices!*

Because our quantities are limited prices may vary. and items pictured cannot be guaranteed in stock.

In addition to making unique recycled materials available for reuse, The Scrap Box also conducts workshops and it’s a great place to volunteer!


 The Scrap Box is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to promote creativity and sustainability by providing inexpensive recycled materials and teaching eco-friendly ways to recycle.

We Welcome your donations!