Supporters: The Scrap Box receives material and monetary support from a broad network of people, businesses and agencies to fulfill our mission:

Businesses: Many local and statewide businesses -too numerous to count- have over the years passed on their end-runs, obsolete materials and valuable waste from their operations. We thank them for their time and effort in saving the material instead of sending it to a landfill!

Community Donors: The Scrap Box also relies on a strong community of individual supporters. Thanks go to the hundreds of individuals who save materials from home and deliver them to the Scrap Box warehouse.

Members & Friends: Thousands of people have also contributed financially to the Scrap Box through membership and giving above and beyond the suggested membership donation.

Volunteers: The Scrap Box is fortunate to have an active network of local volunteers who assist on the floor of our warehouse and with children’s workshops. We also work with the volunteer organizations Work Skills and Circle K who appear regularly to assist onsite.

Students: Many thousands of schoolchildren have over the years benefitted through exposure to classes at the Scrap Box or in their schools. Some have gone on to creative careers & recall memorable experiences of a workshop or visit as helpful to their long term outlook.

Our Board: The Scrap Box is fortunate to have an active board in support of our mission.

Grants: These private and corporate foundations awarded grants to the Scrap Box in FY 2013:

• EMU Student Funders Group
• Ann Arbor Kiwanis.

In our 30 year history, we have received monetary support from many other corporate and private foundations.

Some of the local events we support: In addition to receiving support, we are in the enviable position of being able to fulfill our mission by disseminating materials free to local events such as:

• the Ann Arbor Green Fair: provided materials for 100 participants for many years.
• Ann Arbor Earth Day: provided materials for 200 participants for many years.

We also provide materials (at-cost) to more than 300 non-profit schools, camps, museums and libraries that make use of the reused materials we have gathered.

Sister Institutions: The Scrap Box collaborates with sister institutions in Detroit and locally in Ann Arbor as part of the growing re-use economy.

We also welcome a volunteers!