The Scrap Box is almost entirely run by donations. Companies donate their scraps, unusable to them but of great value to us. We provide a second use for recycling cut-out shapes after the die-cutting process; overruns; misprinted inventory; samples; outdated materials. SEE OUR PAGE ON FACTORY DONATIONS

Individuals donate leftover fabric and sewing notions; sea shells; old jewelry; pinecones; leftover craft materials; and household recyclables. SEE OUR PAGE ON HOUSEHOLD DONATIONS

Individuals also volunteer their time and talents to help run the store; assist with inventory processing; serve on our board of directors or special committees. SEE OUR PAGE ON VOLUNTEERING & SUPPORT!

We especially welcome your monetary donations!
You May donate to the Scrap Box using the paypal button below:


Or if you would prefer to send us a check through the mail: our donation  form is here!