Factory Donations

The Scrap Box is always looking for new and unusual items to spark curiosity and creativity. Even the most useless objects to you might be just perfect for us.

Look at the things you must throw away. Are any of them clean and safe for children to handle? What about packing materials that parts come in? Do you have pieces of leather, vinyl, or other material? How about outdated samples, excess warehouse inventory, leftover pieces of foam or plexiglass pieces with no jagged edges?

We would be happy to meet with your manager to decide what items would be acceptable to us for our program. Then we can arrange for regular pick-ups with our cargo van.


Call us at 734-994-0012 (ext. 248) to talk to Charlie.

If you live a distance from Ann Arbor, Michigan, you could email pictures of your scraps. (michael at scrapbox.org)

Or perhaps you could mail us a sample of a potential scrap. Our address is 581 State Circle, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108.