Household Donations Wishlist

We welcome donations of SOME items!

We take drop-offs during our regular hours the last three weeks of the month only!!!



• No donations 1st week of month!

• All items must be clean!

• Materials must be checked by our staff.

• Organize & sort if possible!

• We cannot take donations if it is RAINING or SNOWING!


Some things we cannot accept at this time:

• scrapbooking materials

• national geographic magazines

• sewing patterns

• 3-ring binders

• old glass christmas ornaments!


We DO accept:

• PAPER (NO SCRAPS): Cardstock, art paper and pads, construction paper, poster board.
• CLEAN FABRIC AND NOTIONS: Fabric (yardage only – 1 yard minimum), zippers, buttons, beads, sewing supplies, sewing tools, ribbon, Velcro, leather, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, clothes pins, safety pins, felt.
• ARTIST SUPPLIES: Craft paint, brushes, pastels, paint palettes, carving tools, stencils, crayons, markers, new clay, blank canvas , mosaic tiles.
• MAT BOARD, FRAMING: Mat board, foam core, small frames(8×10 max).
• CRAFT SUPPLIES: Pipe cleaners, craft foam, feathers, glitter, marbles, game pieces, puzzle pieces, duct tape, chalk, ink, ink pads, new silk flowers, wine corks, pin-back buttons, clean shells, pinecones, trophies, keys, and sequins, and crafting books.
• COLLAGE & SCRAPBOOKING: Stickers, scrapbook paper, embellishments, punches, rubber stamps, stamp pads, playing cards, maps, calendars, scenic photographs only, blank books, and journals, greeting cards.
• PARTY SUPPLIES: New gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon and bows, greeting cards & envelopes (new and fronts from used), unopened party supplies.
• OFFICE SUPPLIES: Clean binders, scissors, hole punches, staplers, staples, staple removers, tape dispensers, colored transparencies, envelopes, labels, stickers, tags, organizers, note pads and new mailers
• CLEAN CONTAINERS: Baby food jars, tins, jewelry boxes, cigar boxes, test strip containers, altoids.
• MEDIA/TECH: Commercial cd’s, film canisters, floppy disks, slide carousels.
• SMALL WOOD ITEMS: Spools, dowels, and new popsicle sticks.
• VINTAGE: jewelry, postcards, greeting cards, and sewing patterns,  watch parts, records, typewriter/computer keys.
• BASKETS: (clean & in good shape).
• PERIODICALS: National Geographic only.

We Cannot accept:
Some things the Scrap Box simply cannot ever accept. Please find creative ways to reuse or recycle these items yourself at home or donate them to another reuse organization. (referral list).

NO Spray paint, housepaint or cleaning items.
NO Clothing, sheets or curtains of any kind.
NO Small pieces of fabric (less than 1 yd).
NO Posters, Books or magazines (except Nat Geo).
NO Household goods (canned foods, cleaning supplies).
NO pots & pans, broken glass, dishware, ceramics.
NO Knick-knacks—figurines, ornaments, flower pots.
NO Computers, printers, ink cartridges, software, coated wire.
NO Food containers. NO Packing peanuts.
NO Toilet paper or paper towel rolls, egg cartons.
NO VHS tapes or cassette tapes.
NO Toys.
NO furniture.
NO Building materials or lumber.

Tips for bringing materials to The Scrap Box:

  • Please be sure everything is clean and safe for children.
  • Dropoff items during our regular hours!
  • Please do not leave donations outside when we’re closed!
  • Sort materials at home.
  • Consult the list of items “WE Cannot Accept”.
  • If you have questions, please call us at: 734-994-0012

If you have questions about other items you cannot find above, check out our list of:

Local Recycling Resources