Local Recycling Resources

Ann Arbor has a thriving resale and recycling community: Some of out local resources are listed below:

List of local organizations-

PTO Thriftshop-
Salvation Army of Washtenaw County-
Huron Valley Habitat for Humanity –
Reuse Center-
A2 Thriftshop-
Ann Arbor Recycling-
Thrift Shop of Ypsilanti-  tel:(734) 483-1226

List of materials that local resources may take-

It is recommended to contact the relevant organization before dropping off your materials.

• Clothing, toys, baskets, knick-knacks: Goodwill, Salvation Army, local thrift shops. PTO thriftshop.

• Clothing (no socks, underwear or scraps) PTO thriftshop, Kiwanis, Salvation Army (Ypsi).

• Computers and techy stuff: Re-Use Center, Habitat, Kiwanis. eWashtenaw page

• Furniture and household goods: Re-Use Center, Habitat, Kiwanis.

• Building materials, sinks, toilets, mirrors, and more: Habitat for Humanities.

• Flooring and tile, doors and windows, lighting, cabinets and more:
Re-Use Center, Habitat for Humanities.

• School supplies, office supplies: PTO thriftshop.

• Books and current magazines: A2 Thriftshop.

• Egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, and paper towel rolls: Ann Arbor Recycling.

• Food containers, other plastics: Ann Arbor Recycling.

• Anything else? Call the Metro Recycling Hotline (Waste Management) : 1 (855) 991 3697

Local schools may also be in need of your donations!