Work alongside a great crew @ the Scrap Box!

At this time we are hiring for the following position:



Primary responsibility for stocking and managing of scrap materials in the Bulk Room and selected items in the Green Room. This includes restocking quantities from the inventory room, resizing containers to make as many scrap items available for purchase.

Works closely with the Store Manager and Materials Procurement.

Responsible for working independently to provide a fully stocked, safe shopping experience. Monitors inventory levels so as to replenish scrap levels and secure a replacement when needed. Greets and assists customers.

Has primary responsibility for organizing Bulk Room area, keeping Materials Procurement person up to date with inventory changes. Responsible for securing inventory locations for items dropped off from donors. Assists when Materials Procurement has large pick up of donations.

Assists in maintaining the inventory area in reasonable order. keeping aisleways clear and passable, especially around overhead doorways for easy access in case of emergencies.

Assists with stocking inventory in order to get product items out on the sales floor so customers can select for purchase. Sorts out donations dropped off.

Sweep and vacuums the entire facility (except Classroom Area) at least once a week and as needed. Cleans 3 bathrooms at least once a week, and mop as needed.

Other job duties as assigned.

25-30hrs. wk.


e-mail: michael@scrapbox.org to apply, call 734-994-0012 if questions!