Where are you Located?

We are located on the south side of  Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is a map to find our warehouse. 

Do you have to be a member to shop at The Scrap Box?

No: We are open to the public. There is no admission charge to stop in to look around! With the wide range of materials that circulate, you might find something you must have for your projects! If you decide to buy an optional membership, you have benefits: Members save $1.00 on each large bag, and can use the members’ room at no extra charge. Lots of folks love our die-cutter, large and heavy-duty paper cutters, comb binding machine, library, and various tools. Memberships last an entire year from date of enrollment.

Do I have to bring my own bags?

No, we provide bags – two sizes: a large grocery bag for $8.50, and a small one for $7.00. Prices depend on our standard bag sizes, so we ask that you use our bags. You can, however, place bag items into your reusable bags after purchase then return our bags to the bag rack.
Your own tote bags are much appreciated for carrying any materials you buy in the separately priced area (Green Room).

Where does all the money go?

We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3)  organization. It takes approximately $180,000 a year to keep the operation going. Most of the revenue comes from sales of our materials and goes right back into running the operation: $50,000 for rent, plus heat and utilities, payroll of $100,000 (all part-time employees, and many thanks to all of our volunteers) additional expenses for insurance, supplies (toilet paper, stamps, and other necessities) outside maintenance (grass and snow and trash), and van upkeep.

We are very dependent on other monetary donations. Sometimes we end the fiscal year with a shortfall.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash is always good, and so are checks. You may use Master Card, VISA, or Discover if your total is at least $4.00 and we do have a few products available using Paypal. We do not take purchase orders, but we do offer a Discount Card (click here to find out more information).

We are a tax-exempt organization. Do we have to pay sales tax?

If you provide a letter from the IRS, or a state treasury department, to verify your non-profit status, The Scrap Box can sell you materials without sales tax. We will keep a copy of your documentation on file at the cash register for your use whenever you shop.

Can we sit down in the store and create something with our purchases?

No. What you buy goes home with you. However, we do have a small kids’ table where children may sit and create a simple collage project with the materials provided. The first project is free; additional creations are $1.00 each.

Of course, you may take your creation home with you!

Does The Scrap Box donate materials to school auctions or other educational events?

While we would love to respond to every request we receive, for donations, we simply cannot afford to do so. Since we are a non-profit organization, we operate on a shoe-string budget and do not have the funds to make donations to so many worthy causes. We try very hard to keep the prices of our materials as low as possible. If your group wishes to come in and shop, our staff could assist you in assembling a suitable auction item or package.


Kids' table at the scrap box ann arbor michigan