28 In the large main room, customers purchase materials by the bagful. These are items we collect in large quantities. Look for “sticky-back” foam and you won’t need messy glue for your creations! Materials include foam shapes (some self-adhesive), file folders, office accessories, binders, decorator fabric sample books, scraps from the manufacture of filters and padding, metal canisters, baskets, artificial flowers and leaves, paper printed on one side, carpet samples, colorful tubes and rings in various sizes, fabric of all sorts, misprinted envelopes, greeting cards, yarn, craft pamphlets, National Geographic magazines, maps, sheet music, plastic caps, miscellaneous gently used school supplies, baby food jars, hot-air-balloon fabric, and unusual items we don’t know what they were for.

$9.00 for a large bag $6.00 for a small bag. Items too large for a bag are usually 50¢ though there are some large and special items separately priced at bargain rates.



  • Large Bag: $9.00 (members pay 7.00)
  • Small bag: $6.00 (members pay $5.00)
  • Memberships: $25.00 per year

(You don’t have to join to shop,
but if you shop a lot, it’s cheaper to become a member,
plus you get to use the members’ room.)

Discount cards (good for organizations):

  • 10 punches: $80.00
  • 15 punches: $127.50


In the smaller “Green Room,” you will find separately priced (but still inexpensive) items which we get in only limited quantities.
Prices range from 1¢ and up, but it’s all bargains! Materials include beads, shells, ribbon, lace, yarn, fancy paper, rolls of paper, costume jewelry (some broken but suitable for collage), small self-adhesive shapes, charms, small gee gaws, transfer foil, fancy baskets and boxes, new cards and envelopes, craft sticks, clothes pins and clamps, and many other amazingly priced items.

There are examples and ideas displayed all over the store and you are welcome to take photos. If you need more inspiration, ask our helpful staff for advice.

…and there is plenty of free parking
for all our Scrap Box customers!

cardboard box back-hoe
Map to visit The Scrap Box