Discount Cards

Save money at The Scrap Box

Download our DISCOUNT card REQUEST here!

Discount cards are a great way for schools, pre-school centers, religious organizations, summer camps, or other groups and organizations to save money.

With the discount card, you save 50¢ per large bag of materials from the bulk shopping area. You can buy a card good for 10 bags (punches) or one for 15 bags. When you shop, we punch the card. Each punch is worth $8.50 for Green-Room shopping.

When your group buys a discount card, all of your staff members can use it to shop. We can keep your card on file at The Scrap Box so no one has to wonder who has the card. And you don’t have to reimburse each person individually so you save time, too.

Some schools request that their PTO organization buys a card for use by all of the teachers. What a great gift!

When your staff members come in to shop, they can also use our Members’ Room, including the die-cutting machine.

Discount Cards have no expiration date.

If you are a tax-exempt organization, send us your payment with your IRS (or state treasury) letter certifying your not-for profit status and we’ll keep it on file (6% sales tax savings).

Download our DISCOUNT card REQUEST here!