We are now offering, STEAM lesson plans and kits!

the Scrap Box Steam kit ingredients

the Scrap Box Steam kit ingredients

STEAM is a trending educational curriculum that blends the hard Sciences, Engineering and Math with a creative art component!

Our kits are appropriate for a variety of age levels and offer a playful method of learning the basics of such subjects as force and motion, animal anatomy and habitat, earth materials and other subjects.


We offer several kits:  All are open-ended and easily modified to fit your needs!


STEAM KIT: Habitats
STEAM KIT: Force and Motion
STEAM KIT: Earth Materials 


Each kit supplies materials for 12 students at an affordable price of $15.00!


For teachers, there is a simple 5 minute walk-through including background, set-up, step-by-step, and recap outlining (STEAM) points that students have learned!

STEAM kit: animal & habitatEarth strata: faultlineSTEAM KIT: force and motion

Simple, playful projects designed to get your students to love learning!

STEAM KIT: insectSTEAM KIT: insectSTEAM KIT: insect

Scrap Box STEAM kits are also suitable for parties, and after-school activities!

the Scrap Box STEAM kit ingredients

Just rip open the bag, setup and go! Unused materials can be recycled into other projects!


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