Workshops: Discards to Discoveries

An integral part of the mission of The Scrap Box is to teach eco-friendly ways to recycle. Our unique materials are fun and easy to use, and encourage creativity because they are unfamiliar. You can schedule a workshop for preschool and elementary classes, Scout troops, summer camp field trips, Headstart parents and teachers, teen parenting classes, and college educational methods classes.

A workshop structure is flexible and can be designed to meet curriculum needs, enrichment activities, seasonal events, Scout badge requirements, or other interests. Children gain a broader understanding of the re-use aspect of recycling and learn about the important role The Scrap Box plays in keeping good junk out of the landfill; they exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills in making a project; and they enjoy shopping for a small bag of materials to take home for further discovery.

Workshops for children are 1 ½ hours long and include

  • a short disscusion about “reduce, re-use, recycle,”
  • making a project ,
  • and shopping for a bag of materials.
  • Minimum charge is $96 or $8/participant (whichever amount is higher).

Teachers’ Workshops can also be scheduled. The participants are shown how to use our materials to make age-appropriate learning materials, and how to encourage children to use their imaginations.

Call us at: 734/994-0012 for scheduling details and pricing.