Daisy Girl Scout Workshops

(for kindergarten and first graders)

A field trip to The Scrap Box is a great way to introduce the concept of using resources wisely. Girls explore the 3Rs — reduce, reuse, and recycle — using our unique recycled materials.

Each workshop consists of 3 parts:

  • First, the Scrap Box presenter talks about our scrap materials, showing examples of what the product was that produced the scrap.
  • Second, the girls get some hands-on experience making their project, based on the project chosen for that day. Girls are fully engaged in discovery, problem solving, and creativity; each girl’s masterpiece will be unique.
  • Third, the girls go shopping in the large bulk room, filling a bag to take home.
Each workshop lasts one and one-half hours. The cost is $8.00 per girl, with a minimum charge per workshop of $96.00. Small troops often invite siblings along. There is no charge for adults unless they want to participate in making the project and/or shopping.


Suggested Project Choices:

  • Puppets: Make a stick puppet– a person, animal, or imaginary creature — using sticky back pieces as a base, along with a wealth of embellishments to choose from.
  • 3-D Constructions: Use a combination of sticky- back foam pieces, paper tubes, mat board scraps, and a whole lot of other scraps available.
  • Collages: Use a sticky-back pad as a base, then select from a wide assortment of small pieces to arrange on that surface, considering color, pattern arrangement, and attractiveness.
  • Prints: Use sticky-back foam shapes to create simple printing stamps. Then experiment with design possibilities to create a pleasing pattern.

Thanks for booking a workshop!

To guarantee a super time, please:

  • Send in your non-refundable deposit if required.
  • Let us know your project choice.
  • Make sure all drivers have good directions to The Scrap Box. Print maps and driving directions from the link below.
  • Call us with questions or significant changes in the number of participants.

daisy scout workshop puppets
581 State Circle, Ann Arbor MI 48108
Please click here to download a map and driving directions, print, then give each workshop driver a map. Or use the map below to get driving directions from Google Maps.
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The Scrap Box, 581 State Circle, Ann Arbor MI 48108 734-994-0012