Workshops and Field Trips for Children

Our workshop projects are as open-ended as possible to allow all children the opportunity to express their own creativity. Materials will vary, reflecting the ever-changing nature of our inventory, but the themes listed below have proven to be always very popular!

Feel free to suggest other ideas to fit your specific curriculum needs.

Call 734/994-0012 during business hours to schedule* your own workshop.

Workshops for children are 1 ½ hours long and include
a short discussion about “reduce, reuse, recycle,”
making a project
and shopping for a bag of materials.
Minimum charge is $96 or $8/participant (whichever amount is higher).

Project Suggestions:
Most of our themes can be adapted for use with a range of age levels,
although those marked with an * are best done with older elementary children.
Pets or Wild Animals
Percussion Instruments
Insects Space Vehicles
Fish Board Games, Marble Mazes*
Imaginary Critters
Puppets 3-D Models, Architecture*
Boats, Cars, Trucks, or Planes
Robots Other…to fit curriculum needs

Make sure all drivers have good directions to The Scrap Box. Download a map and driving directions, or use the map below for driving directions from Google maps.
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