Mail Orders

From time to time The Scrap Box will offer recyclable , up-cycle-ready materials for craft projects from our current stock delivered directly to you.

These unusual art supplies are not generally available in regular craft stores, but come from our stock of affordable materials for creative re-use.

There is no way to predict how long most products will be available because our materials are leftovers and rejects that come and go from factories and businesses.

We will frequently add new supplies you can order, so keep checking out this space.

Please note that if you can visit The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor, these materials will be available for you to buy in person.

Now available for mail orders:

• Packages of Multi-Colored Transfer Foil

• Mail Order Boxes of scraps suitable for class projects.

• • Kaleidograph cutouts by the bag. 

Buying Materials from The Scrap Box

Shop in the store.

Bulk: fill a large bag for $7.50 or a small bag for $5.00.
Green Room: extra special items priced separately.
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Save money when you shop.
Discount cards for schools, pre-school centers, religious organizations, summer camps, or other groups and organizations to save money.
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Memberships are available to individuals to save $1.00 on each large bag (50¢ on each small bag). Includes access to the die-cutting machine.
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Buy online!
Buy unusual items not generally available in craft stores. There is no way to predict how long most products will be available but they are real treasures!
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