Ideas: Using Transfer Foil

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The Scrap Box has transfer foil for your delight!

Transfer foil is used by printers to make especially glossy or gold imprints on hard-covered books, trade paperbacks, and even some popular paperback books. When the printing is completed, the remainder of the foil is scrap: the colors are custom made for each print run.

Plastic film is coated with a waxy substance. The waxy coating transfers to a sticky surface such as our adhesive backed foam, double sided tape, or labels, or tacky glue. It is applied with the shiny colorful side up and the dull side down on top of the sticky surface. Young children (ages 4, with adult help, and up) and adult artists all enjoy the “Wow” factor that comes from transforming a surface to shiny gold, or other fun colors.

You can buy this fun to upcycle scrap in The Scrap Box, or you can have it delivered to you with a mail-order.

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