Birthday Parties

We offer 2 kinds of parties for children:Our most popular option is a child centered party for your child with up to 15 children and 2 or 3 adults.

The second option is a family party with children and adults (with a maximum of 15 people). This is especially suitable with younger children who want a parent to stay.

The Scrap Box party host will work with you and your child to plan a super birthday celebration. You will decide together on a project for everyone to make and take home. The projects are as open-ended as possible to allow all children (and adults at the Family Party) to express their creativity. Materials will vary, reflecting the nature of our ever-changing inventory, but every creation is unique.

The parties are 2 hours long and are held in our special party/workshop room. Refreshments, and all the paper supplies needed, are supplied by the birthday family.

At the end of the party children get to fill a goodie bag from our bulk room to take home.

The birthday child must be at least in kindergarten and is already 5 years old.

The minimum charge is $100 for up to 10 participants. The maximum number of participants is 15, at $10 per person. In the case of the Family Party, $10 is charged for each person, including adults and children.

Most parties are scheduled on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. Call at least one month in advance to schedule your party (734-994-0012). A $50 non-refundable deposit is required, at least 2 weeks before the party date.

More detailed information is available by downloading the Agreement Form.
download and print page 1 download and print page 2

Main Projects warm-up projects
Jewelry/Treasure Box pin or necklace
Princess/Magician’s Crown magic wand
Creative Critter or Pet simple home for it
Alien or Robot remote control
Stick puppet
Autograph or Memory Book special cover
Space Vehicle launch pad
Picture Frame refrigerator magnet
Storage Bucket (use instead of bag for shopping)
Dollhouses or Dog Houses simple doll or animal
Model Car keychain
Board Game/ Marble Maze 5 piece jigsaw puzzle

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